From Celina Marka (Acquisitions Editor at ParaDon Books Publishing)

Welcome to the Future of Publishing. At ParaDon Books Publishing, we take care of our writers needs with top-notch professionalism.

Thank you for considering publishing your next book with us. Impress us, tell us the most intriguing things about yourself, including your credentials and why we should strongly consider your novel. Make the query short and concise, and tell us about your previously published books (if you have any). It is very important that this introductory letter have a clear voice, and be the full representation of your writing skill. 

ParaDon Books Publishing is currently accepting submissions for considerations. Your manuscript, along with the query letter, bio, and synopsis, must be at least 250 pages long (EXCEPT FOR CHILDRENS BOOK), double-spaced, edited, and completed. 

We welcome writers of all style willing to publish with us, in accordance with these categories; horror, sci-fi, adventure, mystery, suspense-thriller, hard-boiled, erotica, romance, regional, poetry-chapbook, fantasy, espionage, urban fiction, chick-lit, western, African topic, short-stories, experimental, young adult, graphic novel, children book, memoir, cookbook, how-to, travel, religion, history, and true crime.

Once a manuscript passes our reading test and is accepted by one of our editors here for a full revision, the material will be professionally attended to and converted into e-Book and Audiobook formats. The published title will then be readily available through ALL of our distributing channels (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Audible, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, etc.) for a regulatory period of six months. The rating of how well your e-Book and audio-book sells within this period will determine the Advance Payment that will be offered for the Paperback and Hardcover production of your title.

You may use this interface to submit your story to us electronically. Our Acquisition Editor, Celina Marka (, will contact you afterward.We reserve the right to reject any proposal that we feel is unfit but are always open to re-submissions. 

Here are some quick tips for all you writers out there. "Make sure that your story is well edited, with an intriguing plot, interesting dialogues, smooth pace, and one unforgettable character."

To get started, all you have to do is click on the Submit Your Book button on the left to create an account and submit your book proposal.

For authors who are self-published, and willing to re-publish their ebook with us, you may can our Contracting Editor at

Royalty deals and the possibility of an advance payment will only be discussed with the exceptional writers that we like, and our contract offering may vary with each author. We are looking to publish best-sellers, and willing give every fitting writer the chance to shine. 

If we choose to publish your proposal, your eBook will be placed on a probational period of 6 months, and its preview may be downloaded for free through some of our distributing channels. If we see a constant progress with your downloads, we will approach you with an offer for a full contract and Advance payment, before your eBooks are made available to all of our eBook distributing channels listed here;

Your Audiobook will be distributed through and few others, and your Hardcopy will be distributed throughout our partnering book-retailers like I.B.P.AIndieBoundIngramBaker & TaylorEdelWeiss, and most of the Booksellers Associations listed here;

Our full distribution list will be emailed to the exceptional writers whose book proposals have been accepted.

Since we have employed the full services of Indie Writers Support, that means that your book will be obligated to their services for free, including their Bestsellers Program; PR Article submissions; Arranging Book-signing Events; Facebook Ad placements; Social Media marketing; Book-cover Designs; Book-trailer Video service; eBook Conversions; email marketing; review services etc... Who else would be working with you and your book? How about some of the 4,400+ book professionals listed here on Facebook;

Promotional details of you and your books will also be published on,,,,,,,,,, AmazonBookClubs,, @IndieWritersupp, @ParaDonBooks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and 25 others.

Our job as your publisher is to sell a lot of your books so that we can both profit. 
We look forward to forming a prosperous future with you.
You may call our automated number and leave us a voice message at 888-623-3129. We will only respond to the ones that we deem necessary.

Dont forget to spread the news and forward this email to your writer friends. You have our permission.

Thank you.

- Celina Marka

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