My life has traveled down “a few” different paths. It started when I joined the Air Force at the age of nineteen. After fours years of service, civilian life had its many twists and turns. All the time I was writing, or creating in the artistic realm. During this time, I consumed many science fiction and fantasy books. Some of my favorite authors are, Asimov, Clarke, Tolkien, Herbert, and Anne McCaffrey. Then I took an interest in writing my own novel. “Thumar” was started in 1988 and the first draft was finished in 2012. After almost six years of polishing, I now present to the world the finished product. I have studied math, science and astronomy in college, and I'm a veteran of the US Air Force. I live in Nevada City, California, with my wife, Ronna Lee Joseph, and my scrappy cat, Harley, in a house my father and I built.
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