The Puerto Rican author JAIME MARTÍNEZ-TOLENTINO has a doctorate in French from the Univerity of Madrid and another doctorate in Latin American Literature from The University of Massachussets. He has taught at The University of Puerto Rico, The Inter-American University of Puerto Rico and The State University of New York College at Buffalo, from where he retired in 2002.

Martínez-Tolentino is the authr of 15 books, the co-author of another, and the editor of 6 more. Those books include novels, collections of short stories, a play, grammatical texts and historical as well as literary criticism. They have been published some in English, others in Spanish and yet others in French, in Puerto Rico, the U.S., Germany, Spain and Australia.

Furthermore, Martínez Tolentino is also the author of over 40 essays and articles published in journals and newspapers from Puerto Rico, the U. S., Canada, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and the Internet.

The author has also received several important literary awards: in 1970, he was awarded 2nd Prize in Lisbon Portugal’s Jogois Floráis, in 1988 he was a finalist in the Letras de Oro Literary Awards in the U.S., in 1993 he was named Writer-in-Residence by the "Just Buffalo Literary Center", in 2007, he was a finalist in Glimmer Train Magazine’s Short Story Competition, and in 2014 he won the Best Short Story competition held in Toronto, Canada, by Wildsounds Studios. From the mid-1990’s until the first years of the 21st century he was on the Editorial Board of the “Problemata Iberoamericana” Series of the German Publishing Company Edition Reichenberger.

Aside from that, Martínez-Tolentino’s life and works have been the subject of six published books, and in 2016 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Jaime current lives and writes in Florida.
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