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We have made it possible for authors to compose, design, collaborate, publish, share, and market their stories to millions of
readers anytime and every time right from their smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. Come join our publishing revolution.
You no longer need to be Self-Published. ParaDon Books Publishing got your back!
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      We are now accepting book submissions, and to be considered for a publication by us, you would have to follow our submission guideline to a tee. This menu will take you to the guideline page. CLICK HERE…

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      Let your creativity shine with ParaDon Books Publishing. We are now accepting submissions, and looking for the best of the writers out there, indie or traditional, established or newbie. After your book proposal has been approved by us, you would be allowed to use this writing interface to compose, save, edit, and submit your completed novel to us for publication. Use this menu to log into your writing dashboard. CLICK HERE…

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    • Author-Editor Relations

      This platform-interface is designed specifically for Authors – Editors relations. Authors can compose and co-author with others, and Editor can use the writing platform to choose which Author they want to work with.

      Editors willing to work with us may use this platform to register their information. A staff with contact you soon afterward.

      Editors of ParaDon Books would be fully compensated and credited via book forewords.

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    • Book Reviewers / Selling Affiliates

      Apply for the opportunity to make up to $3,000 monthly residue incomes with ParaDon Books Publishing by promoting our authors via social media marketing and full-time book-review blogging. Affiliates that prove their worths would be permitted to use the marketing tools attach to this website. Use this menu to create an Affiliate account with us. CLICK HERE…

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    • Graphics Designing Hub

      Calling out all graphic designers!! This is your opportunity to work with the biggest publishing brand in the world, where your logos, banners, cover arts, illustrations etc., would be viewed and stored by millions of people. While this photo-editing interface is FREE to use by anyone willing to do some graphic designing, we are seeking exceptional designers to work with our authors on producing the most eye-catching book covers for their publication(s). You would be compensated properly.

      Use this menu to register an account with us. CLICK HERE…

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    • Social Crowdfunding

      Aimed at assisting our authors with their book release campaigns, this platform is reserved for ParaDon Books published authors who wish to create a crowdfunding webpage to raise funds for their new release. Our authors may use this menu to create an account and start designing their campaign page. CLICK HERE…

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      Our public social media network will allow you to create and share your own profile, pages, groups, events, discussions, comments, messages, posts, photos, videos, greetings, make friends and chat with anyone online. Use this menu to register or log in. CLICK HERE…

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    • Full-Team-Members

      We are giving Independent Publishers the opportunity to branch with us and take full advantage of our publishing services. This private network is an invite-only platform, where you’ll get the chance to meet and collaborate with all of our professional workers, authors included. Send us a detailed request, and if you are approved, you would be able to log into our professional network via this menu. CLICK HERE…

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      We are also offering a yearly subscription of $49.99 for readers to gain unrestricted access to read/download our yearly title lists via our mobile app.

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      ParaDon Books is offering a yearly subscription of $49.99 for readers to gain unrestricted access to read/download our yearly title lists via our mobile app.

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    • You no longer need to be self-published. At ParaDon Books Publishing, we take our authors very seriously, and provide them the tools that they will need to succeed with us, and on their own.

      ParaDon Books Publishing is a Publicly-Funded Start-Up Company, with three top-executives. Investors with serious means may contact our Finance Department at for a Prospectus Package.

      We provide our Authors a free, artistic platform, for them to experience and team-up with other specialists within our company’s communities; of editors, bloggers, authors, reviewers, cover-artists, and booksellers.

      Books published by ParaDon Books Publishing are ensured to meet our maximum standard, and approved by a qualified Editor.

      Welcome to the Future of Publishing. We publish eBooks, Paperbacks, Hardcovers, and Audiobooks.

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